Covenants Summary

Some of the key covenants include:
• Heated square footage is a minimum of 2000 square feet.
• Building and landscape plans must be approved in advance by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
• Fencing is generally limited to the building envelope and requires ACC approval before installation.
• Auxiliary buildings shall be of similar design and quality and are restricted to within the building envelope.
• Generally, only pets such as dogs or cats are allowed residence within the subdivision.

Design Guidelines

Issues such as maximum building height, massing of wall elevations and landscaping details are controlled by the Nature Pointe Design Guidelines.

HOA Dues

Vacant lots have monthly dues of $114.00 per month and completed homes have monthly dues of $200.00 per month as of January 1, 2020. Dues include the use of the clubhouse and its associated amenities, as well as maintenance of private paved streets, trails, and landscaped areas.