The Terrain of Nature Pointe

The 256 acres comprising Nature Pointe coves a wide range of terrain, ranging from 6900′ to over 7100′ elevation. Nature Pointe is blessed to have a relatively gentle slope descending to the North. This generally allows the placement of your home’s view windows to capture the drama of the dominant slopes of the Sandia Mountains to the Northwest as well as the views of further mountain ranges to the North. Since the most of the lots have this “terrace-like” slope from North to South, future homes built on the expansive 2-acre lots will in most cases not obscure the uncompromising views.

Since the slopes are generally gentle, your driveway, building pad sites, outlying courtyards and lot development are easier to incorporate into your home site at Nature Pointe. We hope that you will explore the beauty of Nature Pointe in all of Nature’s grandeur!


Environment is of prime concern to the overall design of the Nature Pointe Community. You will want to maintain the beauty of this special place in the Land of Enchantment as much as we do. Covenants have been created to enhance the natural balance at Nature Pointe. Starting with water conservation, the Covenants have specific requirements and recommendations to further the goal of conservation of such a precious resource. From water-saving fixtures and appliances to xeriscapes, outdoor water conservation ideas will be provided. Swales and rainwater recapture are encouraged.

Nature Pointe has taken initiative to create building envelopes restricting the developable portion of the lot to the most sensible areas for your dream home. Further enhancements control two-story homes in areas sensitive to blocking viewscapes of other homeowners. We have completed preliminary soil investigations to determine the best location for the wastewater treatment area for many lots. This level of planning creates the best treatment option on the best soil groups lessening potential effects on ground water.

The Great Room and Anasazi Hall’s heating is supplemented by an Inglenook Airtight Fireplace made by Country Flame. See for more information about this high-output 151,000 BTU warm and aesthetic heater. The Inglenook is EPA approved for no-burn nights due to its low pollution levels and high efficiency. So you get the best of both worlds, a beautiful cozy fire with excellent heat output and no net gain hydrocarbons emitted to the atmosphere as with fossil fuels.

Rainwater Recapture is accomplished with an underground cistern totaling 40,000 gallons of capacity. When it rains, the cistern will have the capacity to store water for use months later, if needed. Water will be used to supply the pond with make-up water.

The Clubhouse incorporates efficient compact fluorescent lighting and other energy saving fixtures. Simple, inviting stained concrete flooring is both simple to maintain and limits inside air contaminants.

Our planning of the amenities gave extensive consideration to green building ideas without sacrificing the benefits of such a unique facility. All green practices create a lower annual maintenance budget to keep homeowners association dues to a minimum, even though such refinements required a higher upfront cost to the developer. Long-term analysis was given to each amenity and green idea that could be included. The Nature Pointe clubhouse and community were designed to create the highest standard of lifestyle amenities in harmony with nature, while benefiting the environment at the same time.

Flora and Fauna at Nature Pointe

The land at Nature Pointe embraces a wide range of flourishing vegetation!

Most of the lots have abundant mature piñon pine trees mixed with Rocky Mountain junipers. Buffalo grasses, flowering cactus, sunflowers and Gambel oak are just a few of the vast array of flora that encompass this pastoral land. The canyon that bisects Nature Pointe is graced by 70′ tall ponderosa pines along its rock faced slopes.

Wildlife is a daily and cherished event at Nature Pointe! Bird watching may become a daily experience from your very own yard or while on an extended walk. Red-tailed hawk, roadrunners, hummingbirds and piñon jays are displayed on a regular basis. Red fox, coyote, bobcat, rock squirrels and jackrabbits thrive in the ecosystem of Nature Pointe and its surroundings. Mule deer are a sight to behold and can be seen in the early morning and dusk hours at their favorite browse. Spotting a coyote family of pups is a special memory to share with family.

Our covenants help ensure nature’s vitality by the design of building envelopes. Each envelope designates the portion of land to be developed, thereby creating generous wildlife corridors. We strove to create Nature Pointe in harmony with nature. Encounter nature’s bounty each and every day while experiencing everything Nature Pointe has to offer!